Saturday, July 2, 2011

Turkey Salad with Avocados, Corn, Red Onion in Sriracha-Lime Dressing

You can use some cooked chicken instead of turkey here. I don't like the raw onion taste, so I soak the chopped onion pieces in a bit of cider vinegar before adding them to the salad. If you're in a serious grilling mood, you could grill the bird, red onion, and corn (in the husks) before making the salad. This would add a great smokey flavor.

Total Time: 10 minutes
Makes about 4 1/2 cups

12 oz (or a little over two cups) smoked, grilled, or roasted turkey breast, chopped
1/2 C chopped red onion (see note)
1 C cooked corn kernels
1 avocado, peeled and cut into cubes
freshly ground pepper
Juice from 1 lime
2 tsps Sriracha
2 Tbsps olive oil
handful of chopped parsley or cilantro (optional)

In a large bowl, combine the chopped turkey, red onion, corn, and avocado. In a separate small bowl, combine the lime juice, Sriracha, and olive oil, seasoning with salt and pepper to taste. Pour the dressing over the turkey mixture and gently toss to combine. Top with chopped herbs, if using. Serve by itself, in a wrap, or over a bed of lettuce.

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